The Naked Charity Calendars Of 2021

The fine tradition of removing your clothes for good causes continues, possibly slightly abated, in the Covid age.

As we approach the end of 2020, it’s time for exhibitionists across the world to once again strip off in the name of charity. We’ve discussed the phenomenon of the charity nude calendar before, but every year there will be a new batch, and this year – despite its difficulties – is no different. We might raise our eyebrows more at the shameless lack of social distancing than the nudity this year, of course, but it is what it is. If anything, the pandemic lockdowns have probably left more people with time on their hands and if anything, I expected even more nude calendars to emerge this year as everyone embraces what little fun there is to be had. Yet it seems to have been a pretty poor selection so far (and with less than a month to go until 2021, anyone not yet selling their calendar needs to get a move on). Could it be that the new puritanism has extended its bony, wagging fingers even to the charity nude calendar? Is the concept being #metoo’d out of existence? Certainly, I wouldn’t want to be the person today suggesting that female employees strip off to promote the company, even if it is for charity.

In any case, here are the 2021 examples we’ve found – we’ll update as and when, so feel free to send us your images. As ever, the emphasis is on the tease more than the strip – if you want full nakedness, you might still have to go the professional model route, though we are happy to be proven wrong.

Australian Firefighters: shirtless Aussie men, posing with whatever cuddly animal you might prefer.

Bums for the Bush: male and female Australian vets.

The Cambridge Blues Naked Calendar: male and female athletes in iconic Cambridge locations.

The Farmers Calendar: two different calendars, one with male farmers, another with ‘lady farmers’.

Foxy Riders: female horse riders

Jungbauernkalender: male or female German farmers.

Marvan’s Tree And Landscape Services: nude male tree surgeons

Naked for Change: nude female Australian florists.

The Naked Farmer: Australian male and female farmers.

The Naked Huntress: female naked hunters.

SHU Rugby Calendar: male rugby players from Sheffield Hallam University.

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