Christmas Cards From The 20th Century

Images of the festive season from a less cynical age.

Christmas, we are constantly told, is too commercial these days, not like it was when we were kids (whenever that was). Certainly, it does feel as though everything is too contrived on the one hand and too lazy on the other – the BBC has just announced its Christmas TV schedule and rarely has there been such an underwhelming selection of crap thrown together for what was once the major event of the year. But was it really better in the past? Well, let’s look at the photo evidence, which seems to suggest that yes, yes it was. Or at least it was that bit more eccentric. If not too commercial, the modern Christmas at least seems too contrived and conformist – everyone’s Christmas looks the same now.

The photos in the gallery below – ranging from the start of the 20th century up until the 1980s – suggest a more free-wheeling and adventurous time, when Christmas actually meant something beyond cynical TV commercials designed to convince you that greedy corporate companies actually care about you and photo-ops for influencers to compete over who has the best decorations.

Anyway… enjoy these images of Christmas past.

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