Have Yourself A Jess Franco Christmas

Your perfect festive decor has just arrived in the form of a Jess Franco Christmas tree topper.

If you decorate your humble abode with Christmas fancies, then Severin Films have just the thing for you this year. And if you don’t, this might be the year to start, as the cult movie label has announced its latest novelty item, the Jess Franco Christmas Tree topper. Yes, throw away that fairy or gaudy star, and instead allow the most dangerous filmmaker in history and everyone’s favourite adopted uncle to oversee your festive activities. Virtually gather the family round for a heartwarming viewing of Christmas favourites like The Sadist of Notre Dame or Two Female Spies in Flowered Panties after a dinner of Good Meat and your yuletide celebration is bound to go with a swing.

Perhaps next year – if we have all emerged, blinking, from our bunkers – Severin can go the whole hog for Christmas, with Lina Romay crackers and Bruno Mattei turkeys. Until then, check out this groovy little decoration at severin-films.com, available on Black Friday.

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