Hiroshima Metal: Introducing Oldblood

A wall of relentless, atom-bomb driven nuclear blasting metal.

Oldblood’s press release describes them as ‘blackened doom’, which might be a doomy as doom gets but also sounds a bit like blackened fish to us – a tasty treat with any Japanese meal. The Japanese connection for London-based Oldblood is rather less agreeable though, as the video for debut release Kuebiko, from the nuclear-themed concept EP Arms to the Sky, is a relentlessly grim collection of atomic bombs and Hiroshima victims, complete with strobing imagery. Cheery viewing? Hardly, but no one could argue against the footage of buildings being blasted when they hear the thunderous cacophony that the band create. This is a wall of apocalyptic noise that is genuinely remarkable throughout the eight-minute running time.

Uneasy listening, then – but rather impressive of its type. We’re curious to hear more.

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