Georges Bataille On Literature And Evil

The only television interview with the writer, philosopher and transgressive artist.

“Literature is not innocent,” said Georges Bataille in his 1957 collection of essays, Literature and Evil, where he discussed the work of authors as diverse as Emily Bronte, De Sade and Jean-Paul Satre. Bataille’s literature certainly remains decidedly uninnocent, the searing impact of books like The Story of the Eye barely dented by the passage of time.

In 1958, Bataille gave his only television interview, where he discussed Literature and Evil – the book and the greater concept behind the title. Bataille, who died in 1962, is a great interviewee, as you might expect, and it’s a pity that there is no more interview footage of him.

For more about Bataille, we commend this 1997 French TV documentary, which explores his work in some depth.

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