Empire Records – Soundtracks And Shirts For Horror Hipsters

Fine apparel and snazzy soundtracks for the cult movie lover who has everything.

The latest batch of things that you didn’t know you needed until you saw them is about to be released by WRWTFWW Records, who have a fistful of Empire Pictures soundtracks, T-shirts and oddities joining their catalogue from November. You might not want to wait until then to order, of course, as – like many a thing no one knew they wanted until it went on sale – these are no doubt flying out as we speak.

And for once, I’m not being smug and condescending when I say this. I can’t remember what the Richard Band soundtracks of Ghoulies, Troll or TerrorVision sound like – and I know that the first two are effectly worthless as films (TerrorVision is actually a hugely underrated classic, but that’s a discussion for another day) – but dammit all, I’m certainly in the market for all three of these soundtracks by Richard Band, not to mention the Empire Trailer vinyl collection being released alongside them (which seems to already be sold out). I mean, these look gorgeous – who even cares what they sound like? Well, I’m curious – and hopefully we’ll be reviewing them at some point – but the joy here is in the physical object. Gatefold sleeves, pink, yellow and blue vinyl and – with Ghoulies – a bonus seven inch single bundled in. That and the sheer novelty of seeing films like this getting the luxury vinyl treatment – it’s absurd, but it’s oddly agreeable.

But if you don’t own a record player, or don’t quite see the joy in a Ghoulies soundtrack LP, you can also pick up a new range of Empire T-shirts and sweatshirts that will single you out as a first-rate hipster nostalgist of the first order. The Empire logo is the 1980s personified, but – as with the films – we’ll single out the TerrorVision design as the most entertaining and cool.

You can buy all this stuff, alongside a lot more interesting releases here.

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