Pumpkins And Cheesecake: The Halloween Pin-Ups

A spooky, sexy collection of vintage Halloween glamour images.

Halloween has long been a time for dressing up, sometimes in costumes guaranteed to offend the easily offended – and often providing an excuse for flagrant exhibitionism. Quite why Halloween has become synonymous with ‘sexy’ costumes is anyone’s guess, especially as most outfits now have little to do with the spooky nature of the celebration – things seem to have gotten lost along the way and Halloween has become ‘fancy dress day’ for many.

Of course, sexy girls and Holloween are not a new combination, and the Halloween pin-up is a long and noble tradition. But at least back in the day, a Halloween pin-up meant witches’ hats, pumpkins, broomsticks and feisty-looking cats – it was playfully spooky and all the more fun for it.

With Halloween celebrations looking somewhat curtailed this year – because quite honestly, what fictional horrors can match the reality of 2020 – we thought we’d offer some early solace in the form of a gallery of spooky glamour girls and movie stars – the likes of Ava Gardner, Clara Bow, Veronica Lake and Morgan Fairchild – from the days when Halloween was still stylishly sexy. Not so much hubble bubble as hubba hubba. Click images to enlarge, and enjoy.

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  1. Sexy apple bobbing? That’s a new one to me.
    Most of these are so innocuous I’d be surprised if anyone could take offense, unless of course you acknowledge the mingling of morbidity/occultism with nice ladies’ yams….tut tut Mr. Flint, repent immediately. And then issue a grovelling apology.
    Veronica Lake was a fox.

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