Horror Out Of Control – The New Book From Reprobate Press And Warped Perspective

Reprobate Press and Warped Perspective bring you a new and incisive guide to 21st Century horror cinema.

HORROR OUT OF CONTROL is the new book from Reprobate Press and Warped Perspective, a collaborative look at the 21st Century horror film – the good, the bad and the ugly of modern genre cinema and video.

Written by David Flint and Keri O’Shea, this is a collection of over four hundred incisive and detailed reviews of horror movies made between 2000 and 2020. This is not a partisan ‘best of’ or ‘essential’ guide, but a snapshot of where the genre is in the 21st Century, from major cinema releases and franchises to zero-budget shot-on-video obscurities. With a global expanse and a critical eye, HORROR OUT OF CONTROL is a reflection of the development of the genre in the last two decades.

With some eye-popping visuals and no-hold-barred opinions, HORROR OUT OF CONTROL is the state of the union address that modern horror has been waiting for.

440 pages + cover inc flaps
black and white
Cover Price: £25.00 plus postage

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About the authors:

David Flint is the publisher and editor of Reprobate Press, author/editor of Satan Superstar, Now A Major Motion Picture, Ten Years of Terror, Zombie Holocaust: How The Living Dead Devoured Pop Culture and Babylon Blue, and has contributed to publications as varied as Penthouse, Skin Two, The Dark Side, Bizarre, Loaded, Rapid Eye and Flesh and Blood. He has provided audio commentary and expert analysis on numerous blu-rays and DVDs including Nightbreed, Strip Nude for Your Killer, Rollercoaster and Jack the Giant Killer.

Keri O’Shea runs the Warped Perspective website (formerly Brutal as Hell) which is dedicated to horror and cult cinema. She also contributes to Trebuchet Magazine and The Reprobate. Her writing has featured in Diabolique Magazine, Reprobate Press and Satan Superstar, amongst others.

* Publication date subject to printing delays – or even printers being faster than expected. Those who order in advance will be kept updated to final delivery schedules.