The Screen-Printed Cult Movie Art of Squadra Merli

Exploring a new collection of hand-crafted cult movie art prints.

Those of you in need of some new wall art after spending 2020 redecorating your homes (and what else has there been to do?) might care to check out the newly-launched Squadra Merli collection from Jonny Redman. Takings its inspiration from (mostly) Italian cult horror and exploitation, this series of limited edition prints seem just the thing to liven up any home.

The images are inspired by – but not directly lifted from – some of the greats of the genre, but not necessarily the obvious choices. They include the witchy cult favourite Queens of Evil, giallo movie Reflections in Black and violent crime thriller Banditi a Milano, but our personal favourite is the woodcut Dracula from Dracula AD 1972 – fans of the film will remember this image from Van Helsing’s study wall, and this version is a great recreation. For best results, stand in front of it wearing a smoking jacket admonishing people about the dangers of vampirism.

The screen printing format gives a unique vividness to the images and allows them to have very different effects depending on just where you view them from. The combination of lurid primary colours and stark minimalist design works really well, and they are startlingly evocative and eye-popping when on the wall.

Each print is an extremely limited, hand-numbered edition and I’m pretty sure that they will be flying out – so don’t hang around. You can see the whole collection and order here:

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