Nikolas Schreck And The Nice People

Poking the extremists on either side of the culture wars, Nikolas Schreck launches his two new videos on The Reprobate.

Continuing both our Nikolas Schreck Week and our tradition of premiering his new music videos, we’re pleased to bring you not one, but two new promos in a double-bill of songs from his EP I’m Afraid of Americans. Opener They looks are the rise of the paranoid conspiracy theorists; The Nice People explores the self-proclaimed ‘good people’ of the social justice movement. As Schreck says, these are unexpectedly timely messages, tapping into the mentally unbalanced zeitgeist as he plays an internet conspiracist who starts off watching vintage Satanic Nikolas Schreck videos on YouTube and then heads down the rabbit hole of lunatic paranoia before taking a poke at the finger-wagging wannabe dictators of intersectionality. It’s uncompromising and foot-tapping, and we imagine that most Reprobate readers will be nodding with approval throughout. Others will be outraged and aghast, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Don’t forget to check out our podcast with Nikolas Schreck, where all this and more is discussed at length.

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