The Past Lives And Tomorrows Of Sloth Cult

Industrial gloom and bleak noise from the mysterious act known as Sloth Cult.

Every so often, it is beholden on us to share something about which we know absolutely nothing. Sloth Cult is a band… or possibly a person… or some variation thereof. Who knows, beyond Sloth Cult and their friends and family?

Anyway, the new(ish) Sloth Cult album, Past Lives and Tomorrow, is a rather extraordinary slice of noisy misery, which they promote with the catchy slogan “the world is fucked – here’s an album.” Well, yes.

You can download the whole thing on Bandcamp on a ‘pay what you want’ deal, which seems thoroughly reasonable. I suppose if we are all buggered, who needs money? You can listen to the whole thing here and then, if you like it, throw them some money to encourage more of the same. It’s only fair.

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