William Shatner And Canned Heat Work Together


Another unlikely musical collaboration from the legendary performer.

Let’s face it, we’re living in difficult and divided times. But if one man can bring our fractured and tribal world into a state of unity, then it must be William Shatner, right? The 89-year-old Shatner’s remarkable and prolific music career continues afoot, with a new album called The Blues in the offing, and as a preview of that, he’s teamed with Canned Heat – or at least what passes as Canned Heat these days after numerous line-up changes – for a new Shatnerfied version of their big hit Let’s Work Together.

It’s not, to be fair, the Shat’s best song, but a sub-par Shatner tune is still worth a listen. As ever, he gives it his all, approaching the hippy-era cry for unity (that originated in another divided and confrontational era) with a Shakespearian vigour. And isn’t that just what we all need right now?

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