Alice Cooper’s Got Milk


The former hard-drinking shock rocker eschews the trend for rock band beer by endorsing flavoured milk.

Recent years have seen various rock bands expanding their portfolios into the world of drink. Iron Maiden has their Trooper beer, which now has almost as many variations as the band has albums (okay, not quite) and has become a legitimate mainstream success, inspiring other bands to climb on board. Motorhead has a beer that has also surpassed the novelty value and become a staple of the brewer; other bands like New Order have lent their name to limited-edition brews, which have ranged from the weak and wussy to the full-blooded and tasty – much like the bands themselves, in fact. And that’s not getting into the whiskeys, vodkas, gins and wines that now bear the name of a rock band.

And now Alice Cooper climbs onto the bandwagon with… erm… chocolate milk. Teaming up with Danzeisen Dairy, Cooper is lending his name a face to bottles of the beverage that will be available in grocers across Arizona, with a percentage of proceeds going to Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation charity. Admittedly, the milk in the promo image looks more strawberry-flavoured, but who are we to argue?

Now, we like Cooper, even if he is a shadow of his former self these days. And we understand that, given his well-documented period of alcoholism in the 1970s, an Alice Cooper beer would be all sorts of inappropriate unless you are as warped as us (because damn right, we’d drink a From The Inside lager or an I Love the Dead stout and thoroughly enjoy the shamefulness of it). But milk? Is there anything less rock ‘n’ roll, even – or, come to think of it, particularly – if it’s for charity? I guess at this stage, Cooper has earned the right to do what the hell he wants and it’s arguably as subversive a thing as he’s ever been involved in if you care to look at it that way. But still…

For those of you who prefer your rock stars drunk and disgraceful, here’s a small collection of photos showing Alice partying with some unlikely celebrity chums.

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