The Carry On Screaming Comic Strip


The promotional comic strip advertising for the horror-comedy classic.

The last film in the original Carry On film series, Carry On Screaming is a much-loved spoof of Hammer Horror, also taking its cues from the likes of The Addams Family (where the “do you mind if I smoke” gag is shamelessly lifted from). Released in 1966, it has become recognised as one of the best of the Carry Ons, even though it doesn’t feature regular stars Sid James and Barbara Windsor and often feels like an atypical entry in the series.

Many films of the 1960s and 1970s would be promoted with advertising comic strips that appeared in comics, newspapers and other publications, and Carry On Screaming was no exception. A five-part strip gave the film a long advertising run, back when films would have a staggered national release that might take months. Amusingly, the final strip reveals the end of the film – anathema to the current band of ‘spoiler’ paranoids.

Of course, as with many a comedy film, the humour doesn’t quite translate – especially to such a short adaptation. In fact, it pretty much plays as a straight story in this adaptation. But it’s fun nonetheless.






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