The Reprobate Podcast Episode 3: Cooking Lager


Talking about the joy of the pub and the drinking experience in the New Normal with beer blogger Cooking Lager.

In this episode, we chat to beer blogger and alcohol influencer Cooking Lager about the reopening of pubs this weekend, the experience of returning to the boozer after months of isolation, the joys of Wetherspoons, cultural snobbery and eccentric pub chain owners. Best enjoyed with a beer in hand.

In his own words:

I am northern scum. I live oop north. I enjoy drinking. I like beer, all beer, and whilst I may nominally prefer “good” beer, I am cheap. Beer is a simple product of simple ingredients. Mainly water with fermented commodity grains and a weed as its main flavour. Beer ought to be cheap. Thus I cannot bothered to be a beer snob and quaff whatever is cheap wherever I find it. That’s usually supermarkets, as they pile it high and sell it cheap. I drink in the odd pub where the beer is not a sting, but by and large pubs are for losers. Cheap Beer. This I think is worthy of celebration.

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