The Orgasmic Sounds Of Rita


Sexadelic sleazy listening pop from 1969.

There’s a curious subset of lounge music that is less exotic and more erotic – inspired, perhaps, by the sensual moaning of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin/Brigitte Bardot (depending on which version of Je T’Aime you prefer), a handful of sexually driven singles appeared in Europe, mixing funky loungecore with orgasmic moaning. One of the best is by Rita – not, we might think, the most exotic of names, though perhaps in France it was.

Anyway, I assume it is Rita who is gasping and moaning her way through 1969 single Erotica, though there’s every chance that the singer and the cover model are not the same person, and that neither is actually named Rita. Songwriting credits go to Francois Porterie and Pierre Groscolas, and the musicians behind the exotic bump and grind performance remain appropriately anonymous. The record is a French production and was released across Europe by different labels in 1969, failing to bother the charts anywhere.

There’s a Jess Franco vibe to this rather magnificent slice of raunchy easy listening psych-funk – the whole thing wouldn’t seem out of place on Vampyros Lesbos or similar, and if you like the scores of early Seventies Euro erotica, then you will be delighted by this. B-side Sexologie is, unfortunately, a lot less impressive and groovy, but you can’t have everything.

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