The Reprobate: The Final Programme


Returning to bring sense to a senseless world, The Reprobate: The Final Programme is a sobering chronicle of the Last Days of Man on Earth.

The final print edition of The Reprobate emerges from the depths of global despair to stride across the apocalyptical landscape like a New God, crushing all before it in the quest for a tasty new world.

Confounding taste and decency, The Reprobate seeks to overthrow safe spaces and establish a new world order of glorious uncertainty. From Alexander McQueen to Jordan Peterson, from Jack the Ripper to Ugly George, from male strippers to monkey glands and beyond, The Reprobate sets out on a mission to upend good taste, challenge convention, say the unsayable and probe the unspeakable. Consider this your trigger warning: The Reprobate is unashamedly for broad-minded adults only. And it knows where you live.

104 pages. Writing, art and photography from David Flint, David McGillivray, Daz Lawrence, Keri O’Shea, Lucy Morrow, Gavin Morrow, Darius Drewe, Jason Atomic, Gipsie Castiglione, Bruce Barnard, Daniel Black, Leslie Hopewell-Ash, Hayden Hewitt, Ade Furniss.

The Reprobate: The Final Programme is available now in three versions: the standard black and white edition, the special full-colour edition and the digital edition.

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  1. I’m pretty sure I ordered a copy of this a few months back. Are you still going to be sending the pre-ordered ones out yourself or do I need to get a refund and buy of Amazon? Thanks

    1. We’re shipping pre-orders as soon as we have them in stock from amazon- which we’re currently informed will be about ten days, but might be sooner. Sorry about the delay, but as you know, life has been weird of late…

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