The Reprobate Movie Guide For Shut-Ins: Week Six


As the global lockdown continues, so does our selection of movies to watch in order to stave off – or possibly speed up – madness.

Week Six? Is that right? We’ve been locked in, desperately trying to secure delivery slots and scowling at people who have the audacity to go out for six whole weeks? Damn it.

As we continue with our new norm, popping Vitamin D tablets in place of actual sunshine and watching social media take a deep dive into collective madness, let’s at least keep some semblance of normality with twelve more film selections. As usual, we’re assuming that if these have skipped past YouTube’s ferocious copyright bots, then they have some sort of legal status, but don’t quote us on that, and if you are outraged at copyright violations, complain to them, not us – we’re the monkey, not the organ grinder in this particular situation.

We’ll doubtless be back next week, if isolation madness has not driven us to the asylum by then. But until then, enjoy this collection of the weird, the obscure, the overlooked and the – ahem – Left Behind

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