Sunday Roast In A Can – Northern Monk’s Eccentric New Beer


Is the Sunday Roast in a can a work of genius or beer finally jumping the shark?

We’re fans of Northern Monk Brewery here at The Reprobate, even if their beers are not always the easiest thing to find in these soft Southern climes, but the news that they have teamed up with Auntie Bessies – purveyors of ready-made Sunday dinners – to create beers based on their products did have us checking that April Fool’s Day hadn’t been extended to the whole month. But no, there they are, for sale on the website.

Offering up a two-course ‘meal’, the beers consist of the 5.7% Sunday Dinner, which is made with actual Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes, and 5% dessert Jam Roly Poly, made with plum, apricot and strawberry – which sounds more reasonable a selection of ingredients, though we are slightly concerned about the mention of ‘custard’ in the blurb. Amusingly, both beers have sub-headers for Southern ponces who might be confused by the names, calling them Roast Dinner and Jam & Custard.

We’ve had many a weird beer before, and the results of the most unlikely flavour combinations can sometimes be spectacular. It’s hard not to see this as a novelty product – something that Northern Monk hasn’t been known for – but I have to admit that I’m intrigued and amused, and God knows, we all need a bit of light relief right now.

The 440ml cans are £3.50 each, or – in for a penny, in for a pound – you can get both courses for £6 (postage extra, of course):

As the pubs remain closed, I’m sure I’m not the only person missing the Sunday roast right now – frankly, I would kill for one today. Whether these beers will compensate for the loss of the Sunday afternoon enjoying a roast and beer or simply hammer home the loss remains to be seen, but if we get to try them at any point, we’ll let you know.

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