A Slice Of Easter Cheesecake


A selection of vintage pin-ups and movie star Easter greetings.

If you are enviously looking at the nice Easter weather while trapped inside, we are here to cheer you up with several slices of easter cheesecake. A cheery collection of movie stars and models celebrating Easter the way it is supposed to be – with eggs, Easter Bunnies, fancy bonnets and remarkable pre-Bunny Girl outfits. From the 1920s to the 1960s, it was the done thing for Hollywood pin-ups and glamour girls to do Easter-themed shoots for movie magazines, postcards and photo sets, because the past was a much, much better world than the one we now occupy. Enjoy!

Your average movie star is probably too sour-faced to even consider such modelling assignments today, but you’ll still find the odd celebrity with a sense of fun – like Miley Cyrus – and Easter-themed shoots are still popular with retro pin-ups and burlesque girls to this day, as Carmen C. Comancho shows…

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