Corona Zombies: Bottom Of The Barrel Opportunism


Full Moon Pictures manage to make the current pandemic even more unpleasant with a grotty cash-in.

At a time when the world is locked down, global deaths are spiralling, jobs and businesses are imploding and no one quite knows where all this chaos is taking us in the long term, it takes a special sort to make a movie called Corona Zombies. But Full Moon Pictures has stepped up to the plate, with a film that sits somewhere between eBay sellers charging exorbitant amounts for hand sanitisers and Mike Ashley in terms of Corona-related opportunist ugliness.

Now, we’re all in favour of biting satire, taboo-poking and outrageous bad taste here at The Reprobate, but it is something that requires a degree of skill, wit and imagination to work, and that would seem to be lacking here –  unless the trailer is a somehow a woeful misrepresentation of the delights in store (and to be clear, we’ve only seen the trailer and all our comments are based on that, the poster and the idea). The preview that looks as though it was made for $5 (maybe more – there’s a lot of toilet roll in it) with some anonymous starlet and a single shitty zombie – and I suspect that could be the entire cast – involved in what looks like the worst sort of home movie crap imaginable – the cheapest porn filmmakers will probably look at this and mock every aspect of the production values.

Full Moon’s press release refers to “gonzo humour”, which I suspect is wishful thinking for something that has clearly been ground out with indecent haste and a complete lack of pride. There’s probably a great, pointed satire waiting to be made about the current situation, but this – obviously – isn’t it. Instead, it’s a grubby, shallow and pointless attempt at being edgelords by the sort of people who wouldn’t know genuine subversion if it hit them in the face.

Frankly, the lockdown is bad enough without this cruel and unusual form of additional punishment, available to watch at the arse end of Amazon Prime’s film selection from April 10th. I suggest you do everything possible to socially distance yourself from it.

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