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Your checklist of British breweries to keep you going while the pubs are closed.

As the pubs shut up shop across the UK, supermarket delivery slots are gobbled up by selfish cunts while the shelves of the shops are emptied by those self-same cunts, and more and more people are shuttered in their homes, the plight of the independent brewery is worth considering. This shutdown is undoubtedly going to affect a lot of businesses, and the exciting and varied world of beer that we now enjoy could disappear if we don’t do our bit to help support those brewers.

We’re going to list independent – or at least independentish – brewers of craft beer and real ale that do mail order, as well as online shops, in the hope of at least doing our bit to help publicise who is out there. This isn’t the place for reviews – I’m sure you can find opinions on any of these companies and their drinks online if you care to look. We’re listing UK beer brewers initially, but are open to suggestions from international companies and other booze merchants who are also hurting due to national shutdowns. Obviously, we’re living in volatile times, and we can’t guarantee that all these brewers will continue to offer mail-order sales, or even survive this shut down – but we suggest that you investigate as many as you can.

We’re starting with a list of one hundred breweries – enough to keep anyone going, I suspect. We’ll update as and when we get suggestions. If you are a brewer and you’re not on here – or if you want to add information about promotions or specials, or talk to us about our upcoming beer art book – feel free to email us.


Abbeydale Brewery
Alpha Delta Brewing
Alphabet Brewing Co
Ampersand Brew Co
Bad Co
Battle Brewery
Beat Brewery
Beavertown Brewery
Belhaven Brewery
Big Smoke Brew Co
Bison Beer
Black Isle
Black Tor Brewery
Blackened Sun
Blue Monkey
Bluestone Brewery
Brass Castle Brewery
Brew By Numbers
Brew Cavern
Brew York: Quote BYBEER20 for 15% off
Brewdog: currently also making hand sanitiser
Brewsters Brewery
Brick Brewery
Brighton Bier
Brixton Brewery
Burning Sky Beer: build a box of cans, get 10% off
Buxton Brewery
By The Horns
Camden Town Brewery
Castle Rock
Cloudwater Brew Co
Dark Star Brewing
Donnington Brewery: brewery pick-ups or free delivery within five miles
Double Barrelled
Electric Bear Brewing Co
The Exeter Brewery
Fishers Brew Co
Five Points Brewing
Forest Road Brewery
Fourpure Brewing
Great Oakley Brewery
Grey Trees Brewery
Hepworth and Co
Hillside Brewery
Hogs Back Brewery
Hook Norton Brewery
The Hop Studio
Jaw Brew
Kinver Brewery
Langham Brewery
Liquid Light Brew Co
London Fields
Loose Cannon Brewery
Lost and Grounded
Magic Rock
Magpie Brewery: also home to Flipside Brewery orders
Neon Raptor
New Wharf Brewing
Nirvana Brewery
North Brewing
Northern Monk
Ora Beer
Polly’s Brew Co.
Portobello Brewing Co
Pressure Drop
Purity Brewing
Quantock Brewery
Redemption Brewing
Robinsons Brewery: Trooper box sets including limited editions
Roosters Brewing Co
Runaway Brewery
Sadlers Ales
Seven Bro7hers Brewery: currently offering beer and gin drive-thru picks ups on site
Sheffield Brewery
Signature Brew
Siren Craft Brewers: 10% off first order
St Austell Brewery
St Peter’s Brewery
Staggeringly Good
Stewart Brewery
Stonehouse Brewery: doing take out, and also manufacturing hand sanitiser
Stroud Brewery
Stubborn Mule
Swan Brewery
Thornbridge Brewery
Tiny Rebel
Titanic Brewery
Toast Ale
Totally Brewed
Two Tribes Brewing
Utopian Brewing
Verdant Brewing
Vibrant Forest
Villages Brewery
Weird Beard
Westerham Brewery
Wigan Brewhouse
Wild Card Brewery
Wildcraft Brewing
Wylam Brewery
Yeastie Boys

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