Jess Franco Obscurity Vaya Luna De Miel Free To Watch Online


You can watch Franco’s long-lost and very loose Poe adaptation online free – but not for long!

The Filmoteca Espanola has come up with a rare treat for Jess Franco fans this week – his rare 1980 film Vaya Luna De Miel, based (very loosely) on Edgar Allan Poe’s The Gold Bug. Thought lost for a long time, the Spanish film library unearthed it in 2018, and are now making it available to watch for free – but only until the 24th March 2020 – as they say, they are a cinema, not a platform, and after that, the film will be replaced with something else.

As well as the film – which helpfully comes with English subtitles – there is a Spanish language PDF booklet about it that you can download.

Any Franco is worth a look, and this sexy, rebellious comedy – starring, of course, the irreplaceable Lina Romay – is no exception. Hop to it!