A New Sort Of Blue Movie – Sonic The Vadgehog


The X-Rated parody genre heads in ever more strange and unusual directions.

Proving once again that nothing is beyond the imaginations of Woodrocket, the parody specialists have just released short film Sonic the Vadgehog, which takes the beloved video game character into strange and exotic new worlds.

Directed by Holly G. Myers, the X-rated movie features an anthropomorphic female Sonic, played by April O’Neil who gets together with Dr Hobotnick (Lexi Luna). It’s essentially one girl-girl scene, which is no bad thing – there’s probably a limit to how long you could stretch the concept. But it’s cartoonishly colourful, wonderfully ludicrous and all sorts of wrong. And frankly, it seems potentially more entertaining than the new Sonic the Hedgehog film.

Quite what the oddly obsessive Sonic fan base – who, you might recall, had the sort of hissy fit that is not becoming of grown adults over the original design plans for the character in the new feature film – will make of this innovative new interpretation is anyone’s guess. But presumably there will be a fair amount of joystick pumping inspired by the film.

You can watch the whole film here or check out the SFW trailer below: