Coming This Year From The Reprobate Press


Announcing our next batch of print publications.

It’s been too long since we last published a book, and so in order to make up for lost time, here’s some advance information about our planned projects for 2020.

Bear in mind as ever that things can change, projects can be delayed and other things might well pop up – we’re currently in talks about a couple of other projects that we would also hope to have out this year if all goes well. But for now, slaver over the following:

Yes, you read that right – the third and final edition of The Reprobate is coming this month. We’re just doing a final polish and all being well, we’ll have this on sale before you can blink. A collection of the best moments from our unpublished Issue 0, the Reprobate Times and some previously unseen material, gathered together to bring the Reprobate bookazine project to a noble finale.

And if you are reading this, well done – you can pre-order The Final Conflict now, before it is officially launched next week. Get ahead of the curve!

UK / International


A pictorial history of nightlife and lowlife in 1960s Soho and beyond, this is an unmissable guide to the glory days of London as a Sin City, with the strip clubs, nightspots, jazz clubs, coffee bars and underworld hangouts that dominated Soho and spilled out into the wider West End during the Sixties. An eye-popping collection of vintage advertising, complete with the stories behind the venues.

THE ART OF BEER – Winter 2020
A visual celebration of the craft beer explosion that has not only resulted in new variations of flavour, but also extravagant, extraordinary can art. As moralising demands for plain packaging of alcohol continue to gather force, this might well become a reminder of a lost art  form.

The first of our forthcoming fiction imprint (of which more soon), this classic tale of punishment and perversion is perhaps even more outrageous now than it was when first published in 1900. Complete with uncompromising contemporary illustrations, this is one for the connoisseurs.

Naturally, all covers are for illustration only and do not necessarily represent the final artwork – final covers and full details will be made available when the books go on sale.

Like all Reprobate Press books, these are limited editions – some more limited than others – and are unlikely to be found in your high street stockist. Pre-orders directly from us help ensure that we can publish not just these but other interesting, unusual and challenging books in the future. If you are not on our mailing list, sign up or follow us on Twitter the first to know when pre-orders open.