Platz Eins – Till Lindemann’s X-Rated Music Video


The Rammstein frontman releases an X-rated experimental music video.

Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann is no stranger to sexually explicit music videos, as anyone who saw the band’s hardcore extravaganza music promo Pussy some years back can attest (and if you haven’t seen it, you can see it at the usual sources), and the videos for his new solo project F&M are proving just as challenging as that was. The full video for Knebel is easier to see on Pornhub than other, more respectable video outlets thanks to a mix of nudity, transgressive sexuality and blood, and now the new video Platz Eins, directed by Zoran Bihac is full-on art porn – slick and stylish, weird and experimental, and definitely X-rated. Obviously, you won’t be finding this one on YouTube, at least not uncut – you can source the edited version there (and below), but if you want to see the full thing (and of course you do), you’ll need to head to German adult site Visit-X and pay €1.99 for the privilege.

While some will invariably dismiss this as desperate publicity seeking, we prefer to see it as another example of creative artists playing with the possibilities of blurring the lines between porn and art, but as Brooke Candy and others have recently. Intense music deserves intense visuals, and more significantly, we need artists to strike back against the new enforced morality that is swamping art.


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