Satanic Rhapsody And Pinball Wizards In Ealing

Rapsodia Satanica

Repressed desire, acid-soaked rock fantasy and Faustian romance are the highlights of the Ealing Music and Film Festival.

The Ealing Music and Film Festival kicks off next week, and a couple of screenings have caught our beady eye.

On the 14th, you can catch a rare theatrical screening of Tommy – and if there is a film that demands big-screen viewing, then surely it’s Ken Russell‘s tripped out version of The Who’s rock opera. More traditional romantics might like the earlier Valentine’s Day screening of Brief Encounter, assuming that your idea of romance is tight-lipped repression.

Perhaps more interesting in terms of obscurity is the 1915 Italian Faustian supernatural romance Rapsodia Satanica, directed by Nino Oxilia and starring Lyda Borelli. This comes with a score by Pietro Mascagni, along with a new alternative version from LCM students. This definitely seems worth making the effort to see, and we’ll be reviewing shortly.

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