Daz Lawrence Is Beyond The Pale


Everything you need – and quite a few that you don’t – from (un)popular music in our Reprobate correspondent’s weekly radio show.

Whether, on this momentous Brexit weekend, you are drinking to celebrate, drinking to forget and drinking because that’s what you do every day anyway, you’ll probably need some mood music to accompany things, and Reprobate regular Daz Lawrence is just the man to deliver what you need, be it fist-pumping hullaballoo or soul-destroying misery – quite possibly within the same song. His online radio broadcast, Beyond the Pale, is – to quote the host – “guaranteed to annoy” and is delightfully unencumbered by any consideration of the line between good taste and wilful offensiveness.

Broadcast on Sunday evenings at 10 and again on Tuesday – or possibly Wednesday, no one seems quite sure and it might vary from whim to whim – at 9 (both UK time), with no online memory remaining thereafter, this is radio as it was meant to be – songs and spoken words and indescribable gibberish from people who are either household names (though not for their musical work, by and large) or shamefully unknown, mixed with bands that you really need to check out and outliers from beyond the far reaches of musical sanity.

You’ll find it here – https://www.triggerwarning.tv/. Steel yourself for a trip into the twilight zone.