Sex Sells – The Lurid And Leering Advertising Of Yesteryear


A look back at the outrageously sexist and shameless advertising of decades past.

These days, it’s hard for a company to even advertise lingerie without our super Woke, self-declared watchdogs jumping down their throats with cries of exploitation and sexism. But the past, as we so often point out here on The Reprobate, is a different country, and once upon a time, it seemed as though there was no product whose advertising could not be enhanced by sexy girls, voluptuous cleavage and suggestive come-ons. In fact, the more mechanical and less obviously sexy a product, the more necessary the dolly bird to help sell it.

The following gallery is a mere drop in the ocean  – frankly, we could have filled whole posts just with a couple of company’s output – that we shall doubtless expand as time goes on. For the sake of fairness, we’ve not included any advertising where a half-naked woman might be arguably expected, so no lingerie or hygiene or even fashion ads this time (but don’t worry, we’re on the case…).


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