Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic From Ghost


Ghost channel the psychedelic, Satanic Sixties in their new single.

Theatrical rockers Ghost seem to be going all-out for Reprobate approval on their new single. Titled Seven Inches of Satanic Panic, the digital only (how ironic!) single features two poptastic occult-laden tracks and a video that channels 1969’s LA insanity.

Kiss the Go-Goat – nice mix of Sixties occultism and go-go grooviness there, well played – is a disgracefully catchy bit of retro pop. If you are familiar with Ghost only through the imagery, this’ll probably be more startling than any level of Satanic ideas, but it’s pretty infectious, and the video mixes references to go-go dancing, Charles Manson and general 1969 post-hippy hysteria with the band performing. B-side Mary on a Cross channels even more Sixties pop psychedelia and is just as oddly pleasing. If the late Sixties was the golden age of occultism – and there’s a good argument to be made that it was – then this is a pleasingly playful slice of faux nostalgia.