Taken By The Tingleverse


Chuck Tingle’s remarkable erotic universe.

There are some things that should never be, but here they are, existing and dammit if they don’t seem suddenly essential. One of those things is the collected works of Chuck Tingle, an extraordinary body of short gay porn fiction available as Kindle books or Amazon Print -on-Demand editions. Tingle, for those of you unfamiliar with his oeuvre, is the author of such remarkable volumes as Bisexually Sandwiched By My Sentient Peanut Butter Husband And Our New Living Jelly Girlfriend, Brexit Pounds My Butt Then Thankfully Decides Not To Exit It and My Husband And I Find Our Unicorn And She’s A Bigfoot Also My Husband Is A Dinosaur among many, many volumes of utterly weird porn that he seemingly grinds out to cash in on any news story as well as satisfying a strange public need for dinosaur porn.

You might think that these are all randomly created stories, stand-alone filth that is put together with no concepts beyond looking at the news headlines and immediately churning out Domald Tromp Jr. Slammed In The Butt By His Secret Russian Meetings And The Grossly Incompetent Cover Up Shortly Thereafter (“4,000 words of sizzling human on sentient treasonous event action, including anal, blowjobs, rough sex, and gay politically motivated foreign meetings and bungled cover up love”) but you’d be wrong. Amazingly, there is a Tingleverse. Well, of course there is.

And now, there is  Tingleverse role-playing game. That’s right, you can become part of your very own Chuck Tingle adventure! Positively epic by Tingle standards, the 270+ page rule book that, to quote the blurb, “contains everything a group of buckaroos will need, including four playable types (bigfoot, dinosaur, human, and unicorn), five trots (bad boy, charmer, sneak, true buckaroo, and wizard), several unique ways, as well as hundreds of cool moves that are specially crafted for each unique play style.”

There’s no word if the games are multiplayer (assuming one could find a collection of like-minded Tinglers to play with) or simply to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home, but I suspect that you would need to be a fairly hardcore fan for all this to make sense. Then again, who knows? Nothing about the Chuck Tingle world – sorry, Tingleverse – makes sense anyway.

But there’s something oddly reassuring about the idea that Tingle’s mad stories have not only found an audience, but achieved some sort of cult following. The world would be a slightly duller place without works like My T-Rex Barber Is A Lesbian And She Eats Me Right.

Tinglespotter: Oliver Morris