Gods Of The New Age – A Deranged Fundamentalist Warning About The Dangers Of Hinduism


Always entertaining Christian fundamentalists (or, perhaps, just plain mentalists) Jeremiah Films are back with another documentary that purports to expose the beliefs of anyone who isn’t a card-carrying Protestant. This time, they set their sights on the Hindus, and – perhaps threatened by the size of this religious movement – go for an all-out attack. ‘Experts’ (all Christians) tell how this religion is plotting to take over the West; characters like Rajneesh – a major Jeremiah obsession, clearly – are examined, as is Hindu philosophy, which turns out to be exactly the same as that held by the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Yoga is revealed as a sinister form of mind control, and concepts like single world religions and universal peace are shown to be dangerous ideas. The film’s tenuous grip on reality finally gives way when it tries to convince us that Richard Attenborough’s film Gandhi is a piece of Hindu propoganda, as are Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Poltergeist, ET, and every Marvel comic you care to name. Ironically, all the ‘sinister’ elements of the Hindu religion exposed in this delirious film could easily be applied to the Christian movement as well.