Lady Geraldine’s Communication Breakdown


Regular readers will recall us being astounded by the previous recordings of the entertainingly eccentric Lady Geraldine, and her new song Communication will not let you down, unless you are pettily insistent on things like tuneful singing and musical melody.

Communication has been recorded as the theme song for Deaf Scotland, which brings up all manner of questions (and a fair few tasteless jokes, if we are to be honest) – why does any organisation, especially one for people who can’t actually hear music, need a theme song in the first place, and why was Lady Geraldine chosen? The latter is, presumably, because she too was once profoundly deaf and so was involved with the organisation already. Quite what anyone thinks a typically bombastic, dated AOR effort from Lady G will do to improve the lot of the deaf is anyone’s guess, but no doubt it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Anyway, the song – written by Lady G – gamefully works through as many words ending in ‘ion’ as it can, as it issues forth a passionate plea for people to face each other while talking. Clearly, the song’s heart is in the right place, and it certainly works as an admonishment, or possibly punishment, for callous hearing people. You’ll certainly have more sympathy – perhaps even envy – for the deaf as a result of listening to this track.