Hellboy Enters The Beer World


Clearly, the days of band-related beers are over – horror film themed brews are the new fashion. Following the news of the Evil Dead (or at least Army of Darkness) beer that we reported on the other week comes the announcement of a limited edition Hellboy beer, brewed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the publication of Hellboy: Seed of Destruction.


Oregon’s Gigantic Brewery have teamed up with Dark Horse Comics to produce 666 (of course!) crates of beer, with no less than six different flavours on offer, with one released every seven weeks. Each beer is named after a Hellboy character, and are:

  • Hellboy – Maple Syrup Pancake Beer (6.66% abv)
  • Liz Sherman – Mole Chili Stout (6.66% abv)
  • Johann Kraus – Citrus Wit Beer (6.66% abv)
  • Abe Sapien – Indigo Blue Fruit Ale (6.66% abv)
  • Blood Queen – Cranberry Yuzu Sour (6.66% abv)
  • Trevor Bruttenholm – British Barleywine (9.99% abv)


The first beer appears in March, and launches at Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con, where fans can not only try the brew but also buy posters and T-shirts featuring Mike Mignola’s new label art. No word on how you might obtain the drinks as of yet.

It comes ahead of Neil Marshall’s reboot of the film series, which might well require a few beers to sit through if the trailer is anything to go by.