Guns, Girls And Gaspers – Vintage Christmas Advertising


Unimaginable festive advertising from yesteryear.

These days, Christmas advertising – on TV at least – has been hyped into an Event, where simpletons across the country get insanely worked up about ‘tear-jerking’ ads by giant, cynical corporations, chain stores and multinationals, treating them as though they are works of art rather than opportunist, obnoxiously contrived sales pitches. The idea of people weeping over some dreadful BBC clip featuring a work-fixated mother and her feckless son is gag-inducing, frankly.

Us, we prefer the vintage Christmas ads, where men were men and women were women (and there was definitely no blurring of the lines between the two), and where such festive gifts as cigarettes, booze, guns and car tyres could be presented as the ultimate in must-have gifts. Imagine waking up on Christmas morning and finding that Santa hadn’t brought you a BB gun and a pack of Camels? What an unhappy Christmas that would be…

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