Hot Pants And Boob Tubes – British Pathe Voyeurism In The Hot Summer Of 1976


Imagine a British Pathe News cameraman during the long, hot summer of 1976, sent out to spend the day standing in the blazing sun to capture footage for a report on women’s summer fashion. Stood on the street, sweat pouring from every part of your body, with no guidance other that ‘get shots of women walking down the street’, with no further supervision or instruction. Is it any wonder that the resulting footage could be slotted into any British sex comedy or the opening credits of Casanova 73, with Leslie Phillips cruising along, ding-donging at every dolly bird he passes?

This collection of Pathe News outtakes is a hilariously voyeuristic collection of clips where the horny cameraman seeks out the jiggliest young women, gets the required full length shot but then, almost inevitably, zooms in on boobs and bums. You can almost feel the excitement levels as the camera shakily captures skimpy cut-off denim shorts and flimsy tops with no bra beneath. The frustration as traffic and other pedestrians get in the way. The confusion when two potential targets walk into view and he can’t quite decide which to focus on. The moment of triumph when he realises that staking out across the road from a clothes shop is a guarantee of continual totty. It somehow feels like the 1970s encapsulated in one leering ten minute collection of lechery. All that is missing is a constant Sid James laugh-track dubbed over. So thankfully, we’ve done that for you.

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