You May Be Pretty But I Am Beautiful – The Adrian Street Documentary Creeps Closer To Release


Those of you who have read The Reprobate: First Transmission will be aware that some years ago, we had ‘dealings’ with professional wrestler and eccentric singer Exotic Adrian Street, regarding his rather spectacular LPs. Around the same time, there was talk of a documentary about Street – the miner’s son from Wales who became an international wrestling superstar. The film, then called Adrian, ran a crowdfunding campaign that was less than successful – something that certainly impacted on our enthusiasm to spend a fortune releasing a vinyl album full of songs like Sadist in Sequins, Mighty Big Girl and Breakin’ Bones. But clearly, the filmmakers were made of sterner stuff than we were, and the documentary – now called You May be Pretty but I am Beautiful – seems to be essentially complete. There’s no sign of when it will be released, or how. But the Adrian Street story is a remarkable one, and this should be well worth checking out.