Giorgio Moroder’s From Here To Eternity – Ultra Seventies Euro Electro Disco Extravaganza


A glorious slice of 1970s Euro disco fever.

Italian synth wizard Giorgio Moroder’s 1977 smash From Here to Eternity is one of the seminal moments of electro and disco music, appearing in the same year that he wrote and produced Donna Summer’s I Feel Love. Moroder would go on to a long career as both a Eurodisco artist and film soundtrack composer throughout the 1980s, though his work would soon diversify from what is still seen as his signature sound – very much in evidence on this track, thankfully.

The video for the song is a marvel to behold, especially if you are a fan of Seventies perms, big moustaches, mirror shades, huge banks of electronic whatnots, silver suits, low rent special effects and dancing girls. And who doesn’t love all those things?

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