“Why Did You Kill Me Mommy?” – Lil’ Markie’s Ghastly ‘Diary Of An Unborn Child’


Christian music is, let’s be honest, odd at the best of times. When it is trying to hammer home a fundamentalist message, it’s even odder. And when it tries to ram home an anti-abortion message via a chubby evangelical preacher who suddenly adopted the voice of a simpleton child, then I think it’s fair to say that things have gone as far beyond weird as you could ever hope for.

Lil’ Markie was / is the creation of pastor Mark Fox (not to be confused with the composer of the soundtrack to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: The Shocking Truth), who used this unsettling child persona – at once terrifying and hilarious – to preach Christian doctrine at what he must have presumed would be an audience of children. Though surely any child hearing this must have been traumatised, not so much by the lyrics (though God knows, they would be enough to freak out any unsuspecting kid) as by the performance.

Bizarrely, Fox would often perform using his regular adult voice before unexpectedly and without warning switching to Lil’ Markie, as if he had become possessed by a whiny-voiced demon midway through his show.

While some pro-lifers have suggested that this track has some propaganda value, it’s hard to believe that anyone would have their pro-choice principles changed by a record that is both high camp hysteria and frankly nauseating guilt-tripping. Be warned: this is pretty repulsive in both delivery and message. But it’s also so shockingly, mind-bogglingly weird that it needs to be heard.

There are many, many more Lil’Markie songs besides Diary of an Unborn Child. As a bonus, we’ve also included the almost-as-incredible Something’s Happened to Daddy, which should straighten out you alcohol abusing sinners in no time (actually, in 14 minutes if you make it that far without having to crack open the booze).