Rock Stars And Their (Almost) Naked Fans


Rock bands and naked women – a not entirely unusual combination.

These days, rock bands are frightfully dull characters on the whole, less debauched bad boys (and girls) than chin-stroking social justice types concerned about the patriarchy and such. So let’s remember when our hedonistic rock stars had nothing on their mind other than sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll and more sex, and were more than happy to pose for photographs with half-naked glamour girls. You’ll notice that some bands – specifically ones with umlauts in their name – are represented more than most, and one genre dominates. But we’ll cheerfully add more images as we find them.

Of course, we apologise for the outrageous sexism here – try as we might, we just couldn’t find shots of female bands posing with scantily clad male groupies. At least in our gallery of naked rock stars, there is much more gender equality!

Video Bonus: The Happy Mondays meet Linzi Drew and the Penthouse Pets

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