Lynda Carter’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy


After her career as Wonder Woman ended, Lynda Carter starred in a number of TV specials in the early 1980s. These were typical of the star vehicles that littered USTV in the 1970s and early 1980s, consisting of Carter performing a variety of MOR and country songs, sometimes with special guest stars like Kenny Rogers, Tom Jones and Leo Sayer, alongside humorous skits.

In her original 1980 special, she also added a bit of rock ‘n’ roll into the mix. Well, sort of. Her “rock ‘n’ roll fantasy” consisted of her dressing up like Tina Turner (let’s see a white performer get away with that today) and that famous rock idol Bette Midler for a medley of hits.

The most extraordinary moment comes in the middle section, where she fantasises about Kiss, and – wearing the sort of costume that probably had male viewers shifting uncomfortably – performs a James Last-style version of I Was Made for Lovin’ You with a bunch of Kiss-a-likes prancing around. There are no words adequate enough to describe this, so we’ll leave you to experience it for yourself.


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