Confessions At Midnight – Strip Club Prog Rock


Depending on which country you are in, and who the dancer is, you’ll hear a variety of music – from the intolerable to the inspired – in strip clubs. But what you probably won’t expect to hear is prog rock. After all, even the most limber of dancers would probably struggle to perform to a 20 minute Emerson Lake and Palmer track. So well done to prog combo 41POINT9 who set out deliberately to record a song that would be accepted by the service that provides music to 2500 strip clubs across America. You perhaps didn’t even know that such a service even existed, in which case join the club.

Anyway, Confessions at Midnight is… interesting… and comes with a ‘risqué’ (their description, not ours) video. Don’t expect any nudity, but there are various burlesque dancers doing their thing. Which we guess is something.