21st Century Fashion Predictions From Yesteryear

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What will YOU be wearing in the year 2000? Vintage documentaries take a stab in the dark at predicting future fashions.

We were promised a lot by the year 2000 – flying cars, holidays on Mars, entire cities in skyscrapers, a life of leisure, peace and prosperity among the things we are still impatiently waiting for eighteen years later. We were also told that we’d be wearing assorted way-out fashions. Some might claim that we are – imagine what a person in the 1930s would make of the shell-suited oafs that are a fixture of the British high street.

But here are two films – one from 1939 and the other from 1960 – that tried to predict how we would be dressing in ‘the future’. They are, of course, somewhat wide of the mark and tell us more about the tastes of the time than the modern, 21st-century world. But the prediction that we would all be carrying a telephone with us is remarkably on the nose.

That temperature-controlling electric belt is something that we should be adding to the list of long-overdue innovations though…

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