Photographia Erotica Historia


New from Goliath Books is a modern day version of the miniature erotic photography books that proved popular with connoisseurs back in the days when such material had to be sold clandestinely and kept hidden away.

Photographia Erotica Historica is a leather-bound, gold embossed miniature book with over 380 pages, featuring nude images and explicit porn poses from the late 19th / early 20th centuries. Shot anonymously and featuring uncredited models often found in brothels, these photographs are a charming example of smut from the days when such material was strictly forbidden. The book, under 3 inches in height, is a modern facsimilie of collector’s editions from the early 20th century – small enough to hide away from the prying eyes of family members and the authorities alike.

As Goliath point out, we’re rapidly returning to a world where nudity, erotica and pornography is not only censored but also seen as socially unacceptable. So this miniature book is not only a charming return to the publications of yesteryear, but also an impressive stand against the forces of repression.

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