Review: Anonymous 616


What happens when two couples have a friendly gathering to catch up, have a few drinks and, maybe, take a psychedelic drug? Why, murderous mayhem of epic proportions obviously.

Jason and Jenna are a seemingly happy couple, invited over to Eric’s new house to meet his fiancé Monica and relax before Jason has to deploy back to Iraq. The foursome break open the beers, laugh over old times and segue way into a mood-altering drug that changes all perspective on relationships and openness. Without much hesitation, Jason and Jenna proceed to join Eric and Monica in a short but sweet trip into the subconscious.


Unfortunately, Jason’s journey is dark and muddled as he stumbles into a chat room online with a mysterious stranger claiming “I’m the one who knows everything about u”. Intrigued, Jason begins to test the theory, slowly playing into the game of earning God-like status. Planted with notions of infidelity, betrayal and anger, Jason readily goes down a brutal path of destruction and depravity as he attacks each and every guest in the living room. All the while being guided by cryptic messages from the other side of a monitor in an empty room, Jason abruptly finds his inner strength to stop denying his true tendencies and instead… act them out!

Rarely do we get a psychological flick that is quite this extreme and lacking an ounce of empathy. Anonymous 616 is unforgiving. Daniel DeWeldon is brilliant as the complacent turned ruthless Jason who refuses to deny this alter-ego taking over his psyche. He instantly transforms into a superior, paranoid and narcissistic animal, pillaging the house of all its demons. Jessica Boss (girlfriend Jenna) stays in full-on strong and determined character, unwavering in her defiance that she engaged in any adultery acts while watching her ‘loving’ boyfriend Jason, mutilate Eric (David Abramsky), the host of the evening.


We are treated to a complete mind-fuck of a night, comprising of bloody carnage, intimations of under-age impropriety, savage sexual assault and even cannibalism. All the while, words on a monitor unable to escape the now-crazed Jason’s mind: I Know Everything About You.

Mike Boss’s film isn’t just fantastic… it’s downright frightening! Seeing an ordinary friend go from calm to complete disarray in a matter of moments is shocking. The amount of smugness that overcomes Jason is astounding as he smirks at the outcome of his God-like status in this winningly dark and violent film.


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