Frankie Goes To Hollywood, A Stripper And Lemmy On German TV

frankie goes to hollywood musikladen

An extraordinary clash of cultures on Musikladen in the 1980s.

While Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Relax was being banned from British radio and television by a prudish BBC, the German’s were showing exactly how it should be done. On the show Musikladen – essentially the German Top of the Pops – the band dutifully lip-synced their song, while a young blonde woman walked on stage, immediately stripped down to the skimpiest underwear it was possible to wear without being naked, and proceeded to flirt with singer Holly Johnson – his unambiguous homosexuality be damned. Whether the producers thought that this gay anthem needed sexing up for the straight male viewer, or whether they simply didn’t know what the song was about is unsure, but oddly, this works – after all, the original video for the song was a pansexual orgy, and so adding an almost naked woman to the mix just adds to the overall sleaze factor.

Just as you think the whole thing can’t get any weirder, Lemmy from Motörhead suddenly appears on stage to ‘jam’ with the band and steal the blonde away, even as another woman appears to join in with the dancing. It is, to say the least, a bizarre performance.


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