Nico’s Evening Of Light – A Gothic Horror Music Promo With Iggy Pop


At the beginning of 1969, German torch singer and former Velvet Underground member Nico travelled to Ann Arbor, to consummate a romantic relationship with Iggy Pop – then frontman of the Stooges, the hot new band of the moment who were about to start recording their debut album with fellow Velvets member John Cale. It was a brief, two-week affair at the band’s Fun House, but during it, she filmed this remarkably atmospheric 16mm promo film for her astounding song Evening of Light, a typically proto-goth number. Filmed by Francois de Minil, the clip features Iggy in white-faced mime makeup, burning crosses and enough potent imagery to keep many an arthouse horror director in ideas for years. Oddly forgotten by many people, both the song and the film clip deserve to be better known.

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