Hellbilly Zombie Invasion


Back in 2010, your Reprobate editor was tasked with shooting a video for Hellbilly Zombie Invasion, the new track by Nottingham band Pickups ‘n’ Pitchforks. The band wanted a clichéd zombie movie in three minutes, and so that was what we shot over the period of one afternoon. In the hands of editor Tony Leathers, it became something more like a regular music video, awash with every filter known to man; in advance of that, I played around with creating a faux 1950s black and white movie trailer. The plan was to expand this into a short 10 minute film, but unfortunately, the band broke up acrimoniously on the day that the music video had a cast and crew screening, and so all further use of the footage was abandoned. The video itself hasn’t been seen in years, except by a few dedicated YouTube archivists.

Both versions are included here.