The Games Children Play – A Delusional Christian Satanic Panic Documentary

games children play 1“The message that our children are getting when they get up early Saturday morning for the cartoons or before school on the weekdays is one of pure, unadulterated occultism.”

Yes, it’s more hysterical, delusional Christian paranoia from the dark days of the Satanic Panic, as Peter Lalonde tells you why everything that your children might encounter is evil. Even the school system is a hub of dangerous new age occultism and dangerous ideas, according to this 51-minute low rent Canadian video production. What are these ideas? World peace, basic human decency and environmental awareness, apparently. God help us all.

He-man, Thundercats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Simpsons are all named as examples of corrupting cartoons, ensuring that our kids are “fully indoctrinated into the ways of Hinduism, Buddhism, the occult and the new age”, while there is also fact-light fear-mongering about Dungeons and Dragons and other role-playing games, Nintendo games like Final Fantasy and Wizardry, and heavy metal music (“if you listen to any of these groups for more than a few seconds, you’ll see that it’s not the quality of music that attracts these kids”).

games children play 2

The National Education Association are, at one point, accused of “trying to lead to the way… towards a new age of peace and prosperity”. Those monsters! Elsewhere, tolerance and understanding are seen as dangerous values to teach children, while relaxation techniques for stressed schoolkids are exposed as – steady yourself – yoga, which as we all know is a gateway to Satan.

In truth, there’s little entertainment value here -Lalonde is creepy, twitchy and shouty, and things get worse when the rest of the Lalonde family turn up to say their bit (Paul Lalonde is especially worth the wait). Lalonde would go on to make more delirious Christian videos with an increasingly apocalyptic vision, including the infamous Left Behind series, which takes the demented funda-mentalist idea of the rapture and spins it into a low rent action movie scenario, culminating in the numbingly bad biggish budget affair starring Nicholas Cage.


‘Enjoy’ the whole thing below:


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