Sabrina, The Smurfs And Eurotrash

sabrinaThe unlikely pairing of the busty Italian glamour girl and the children’s cartoon characters.

Picking out a highlight from the glorious television experience that was Eurotrash is difficult – the show was a feast of the outrageous, the sexy, the absurd and the indescribable, and very much of its time – the recent one-off revival aside, it’s hard to imagine the show being allowed on the air now. Antoine De Caunes’ Sit on Me slot alone, where a sexy Euro starlet perched on his lap for no good reason, would be the cause of outrage in a  #metoo world if nothing else.

But one definite highlight of the show’s long run must be the appearance of jiggly Italian pop star Sabrina Salerno, who cheerfully plonks herself on Antoine’s knee for the Sit on Me slot before being interviewed for a career retrospective, and then performs her mega-hit Boys (Summertime Love) with the Smurfs dancing in the background. Because why not?

I was working as a researcher for Eurotrash at the time and supplied them with my VHS tape of the glorious Sabrina On Stage Italian TV special that had been released some years earlier, and which remains one of the few videotapes that I still own. You can enjoy the whole thing below. It was this tape – greeted with considerable excitement by the production team – that led to her appearance on the show.

Even at the time, no one quite had an explanation for the appearance of the Smurfs, but let’s not complain.

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